Beyond the Surface: Mastering Healthcare Marketing for Devices and Diagnostics


Healthcare marketing requires an in-depth understanding of a diverse human population. Healthcare patients are unique individuals dealing with such a range of challenges and concerns that any successful marketing approach must be just as unique. While it is easy to go on and on about the need for diversified marketing within the healthcare industry, it is much more complex to put this process into action. 

Seasoned branding agency (matter) has designed highly effective marketing content for leading healthcare companies. Leveraging a wide array of industry knowledge, market research, and audience personas, our team was able to artfully create successful marketing tools for our clients’ patient devices and diagnostic tools. But don’t simply take our word for it! To demonstrate (matter)’s impact and success as a branding agency in the devices and diagnostics sector, let’s examine real-world case studies and client testimonials.

Case Study #1: Stryker

Stryker Vascular

Sales associates are only as strong as their product knowledge, and when (matter) met the Stryker team, it quickly became apparent that one of their biggest needs was a new method of helping their sales staff retain product information and communicate it in effective ways. To solve this problem, our branding agency developed dynamic training tools and e-learning modules designed to help sales representatives learn information such as anatomy, procedures, and products.

Although Stryker is one of the leading medical technology companies that serve more than 130 million patients annually with their medical equipment, they needed a better way to help their sales team market their products and services. Once (matter) introduced the new training materials to Stryker, the results were undeniable

Case Study #2: Modus Health

Modus Interface Ad

The innovative world of healthcare is constantly creating new products to better the lives and experiences of their patients and Modus Health is no exception. Modus designed a custom suite of precision monitoring products, including the data-validated StepWatch™, that have meaningful application in clinical trials, research institutions, and ongoing clinical care. There was just one problem: patients could not see the connection between the scientifically backed StepWatch™ capabilities and their own healthcare outcomes, and therefore did not reap the benefits of the product.

(matter) partnered with Modus Health to create a consumer-style brand experience on the legacy StepWatch™ device platform that motivated patients to use the product and improve their health. With our refreshed product marketing, patients could better visualize their functional performance levels, track their overall improvement, and improve their ambulation.

Case Study #3: AtriCure

atricure case study image

AtriCure is a leading innovator of surgical therapies, technologies, and products that designs highly effective tools to facilitate surgical ablation therapy. The company works tirelessly to bring passion and heart to their product solutions, including the Epi-Sense ST System for hybrid AF therapy and the AtriClip device used in Left Atrial Appendage Management (LAAM). When AtriCure reached out to (matter), however, they were facing a problem they couldn’t solve on their own.

Our branding agency was tasked with creating a healthcare marketing solution that could help AtriCure sales representatives better communicate the company’s products, features, and benefits to their clinical audience. With this need in mind, (matter) generated a native iOS app for AtriCure, along with a redesigned brand logo. The new app paid quick dividends, and the AtriCure sales team is now able to facilitate more engaging conversations with surgeons and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Case Study #4: Standard Bariatrics | Teleflex

standard bariatrics website design

As a dynamic startup, Standard Bariatrics faced the challenge of introducing groundbreaking technology in the competitive field of bariatric and metabolic surgical solutions. Through strategic and targeted messaging, Standard Bariatrics not only introduced its revolutionary solutions but also fostered a thriving community of accredited bariatric surgeons. Their team was committed to creating superior bariatric and metabolic surgical solutions, specifically in sleeve gastrectomy procedures. They had developed industry-changing technology that could revolutionize sleeve gastrectomies around the globe, and surgeons who had interacted with these solutions gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Standard Bariatrics was set to flip the world of bariatric healthcare on its head, but they needed a new plan for breaking into an extremely competitive market. (matter) jumped at the challenge. We created a robust healthcare marketing strategy, carefully crafted the brand’s purpose and value proposition, and generated a high level of awareness and demand through video resources, educational aids, online campaigns, and industry events. This approach allowed the startup to stand tall against formidable competition, connecting with and empowering the experts who played a pivotal role in shaping the future of bariatric and metabolic surgical solutions.

By onboarding (matter) as their partner and making strategic marketing moves, Standard Bariatrics set themselves on a new course, ready to take on the multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry. 

The culmination of these efforts resulted in an exciting milestone for Standard Bariatrics. The medical device company, focused on the surgical treatment of obesity, achieved a significant milestone – acquisition by Teleflex, a global medical technology provider. This marks a testament to the transformative journey that (matter) has undertaken alongside Standard Bariatrics. We don’t just create marketing strategies; we shape success stories. If your brand’s goal is acquisition, we have the expertise to bring value and focus, paving the way for your brand’s success on the global stage.

How (matter) Masters Healthcare Marketing

You might be wondering how (matter) became so adept at designing successful healthcare marketing solutions. We develop marketing campaigns across a wide variety of industries and market sizes. The answer lies in collaboration: when healthcare organizations recognize their need for support and partner with a veteran branding agency, they gain the freedom to bring their products and services to the forefront of their industries and finally gain the brand awareness and success they deserve. 

Understanding clinical audiences is crucial for effective healthcare marketing, which means we begin each partnership with rigorous audience research. We then analyze these insights to develop strategies and value propositions for your brand. Next, our team builds your brand narrative for three of the most critical audiences to your marketing success: clinical, economic, and patients.

(matter)’s specialized approach, demonstrated success, and experience navigating regulatory and compliance standards sets us apart in the healthcare marketing landscape. You can rely on (matter) as a trusted partner that can support your brand as you navigate the complexities of marketing to clinical audiences and addressing regulatory challenges. Through engagement and collaboration with a knowledgeable branding agency, your company can master its healthcare marketing strategy and emerge a leader in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Are you ready to elevate your healthcare marketing strategy with the collaboration of a trusted branding agency? Learn how (matter)’s unique approach can generate more effective resources and marketing materials for your brand. Now is the time to leverage your brand power to master healthcare marketing.