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Brand Strategy vs Business Strategy


A large part of our mission at (matter) is to make your company’s goals, vision and voice matter more…and that process begins with integrating your business strategy into your brand strategy. You’ve likely already developed a solid business strategy—you know exactly where and why your budget is focused, you’ve set tangible goals and deadlines for growth and have a plan in place to scale—and pairing those goals with a solid brand strategy will provide your business with a roadmap to help your products evolve and meet modern consumer demands.

Business Strategy Goals

Brand Strategy Goals

  • Define organizational structure
  • Outline hiring and exit protocols
  • Create paths to reach tangible goals
  • Specify resource allocation
  • Determine financial goals and budget
  • Plan product distribution process
  • Define consumer needs
  • Understand consumer viewpoints
  • Connect products with real people
  • Express brand mission and values
  • Outline brand identity and architecture
  • Define unique value propositions
While your business strategy is focused on financial goals, distribution and inventory, brand strategy zeroes in on connecting with consumer wants, needs and emotions. In essence, the integration of the two produces the best results: brand strategy breathes life into business strategy, which leads to optimized results for both your company and your consumers. 
As an experienced branding agency, (matter) knows that integrating your business and brand strategies is the best way to let every consumer that interacts with your products know exactly what you offer and how you can solve their problems. Aligning your business and brand strategies allows your company flourish and tells consumers what to expect from your brand. It positions your company to reach its financial goals by adapting its products and services to serve the exact needs of its consumers. 
Adaptation keeps products relevant and fresh and motivates consumers to reconsider your company’s value proposition. At Leap, we help our clients adapt their products in a way that honors their business and their brand strategies. We collect detailed data to identify ways our clients can improve their products’ appeal. Through extensive market research, surveys and focus groups, and real-time analytics, we can continually measure and evaluate consumer needs and brainstorm product adaptations for our clients. We can introduce live or chat bot functions on our clients’ e-commerce sites to collect consumer feedback and discover product features that consumers find important, or utilize social listening tools and social media interactions to better understand consumers’ perceptions of a brand. This combined data builds a picture of your company’s values and strengths that simultaneously ensures growth and shows consumers why your products are the superior choice. 
(matter) is constantly innovating to adapt our clients’ brands and products to the ever-changing needs of modern consumers. We encourage every company to work within an integrated business-brand strategy framework that ultimately allows them to reach business goals while creating a user experience that makes target audiences feel seen and understood.