How Branding Can Be Inspirational to the Rest of the Business

How Branding Can Be Inspirational to the Rest of the Business


Branding is the foundation of any business. It helps make a company easily recognizable to a customer and it ultimately determines what differentiates one brand from its competitors. When executed correctly, branding effectively conveys what a company is all about – its mission, values and goals.

Essentially, branding holds everything your company is about in one, beautiful package – or brand book – and can serve two purposes:

1. Used as inspiration for the rest of the business.

2. A reminder of what makes a company tick and gives it a purpose and direction. 

Some of the most recognizable and successful companies reached their level of success because their branding provided a movement their consumers felt an affinity with. And that level of loyalty continued to drive further business decisions.

Take Lululemon: Many clothing brands sell athleisure wear, but Lululemon takes their brand to the next level by offering yoga classes at their store. This allows customers to get an idea for how their clothing actually feels while doing what it was made for – and provides a customer experience that goes beyond the store’s doors.

Great branding isn’t just about unique typefaces and color palettes. Great branding emulates the mind of your company and helps to drive its mission and direction to connect with their target customers.

Google did just this in 2015 when they redesigned their logo and rolled it out across their brands, trading out their storied serif font logo for one with a playful sans-serif. This rebrand occurred after a major company restructures and helped signify a more modern feel to their brand as they moved to the future.

And even better – a brand that effectively emulates a company’s mission and values not only speaks volumes across its consumer base, but also the employee culture. A great brand unites its like-minded customers and keeps them coming back to your brand time and again.

The brand gives a home to your company’s mission and values and lays the foundation for it to grow. It’s the driving force behind marketing decisions, and it sets the stage for how your company and its values face consumers. Branding ensures that each company’s decision is made with its core values in mind and encourages new ideas that set up for growth. And it’s the foundation of what we do at (matter). If you feel your brand has a rocky foundation, let us know. We’d be happy to help.