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How Do You Know When It’s Time To Refresh Your Brand?


Revitalize, rejuvenate, remodel…while no creative branding agency worth its salt will recommend changing up a brand aesthetic or direction just for the sake of change or to follow a trend, there are multiple reasons why a brand refresh may be exactly what your business needs. We aren’t proposing a complete rebranding, which involves a total reset of a brand’s fundamental marketing position. The purpose of a brand refresh is to remind consumers of your value proposition, spotlight your unique offerings and allow your brand to keep its competitive edge

For the majority of B2B or B2C companies, a brand refresh should be implemented every three to five years. A refresh can make a huge impact through simple changes. It can inject new life into your brand imagery and establish new relevance with target audiences, all by making a few cosmetic adjustments across the visual and verbal touchpoints of your brand. If you’ve been wondering whether your company needs some branding redesign, the (matter) team is here to help you understand when and how you can successfully refresh your brand.

When To Pursue a Brand Refresh

A successful refresh begins with solid research and brand strategy and results in minor or major design changes. A creative branding agency can guide you through the process of adjusting fonts or color palettes, or partner with you to develop larger modifications like new designs, logos, imagery, and marketing materials. These changes can do wonders to educate consumers about company changes or new products, spotlight new services or hours, and keep your branding fresh in consumers’ minds—so let’s explore a short list of times when your company may benefit the most from a brand refresh.

  • 1. Your brand is expanding into new markets.

If your brand is in the process of aligning stakeholders or attracting new investors, a brand refresh can enable your company to highlight its value proposition and position itself a noteworthy company. Investors are most interested in backing companies that are innovative and have the potential to become leaders within their industry.

  • 2. You want to increase costs.

Consumers are willing to pay more for products and services that feel high-end. As supply chain disruptions and global inflation forces companies to raise prices, shoppers are better able to handle the sticker shock when they receive premium products in return. You can help justify any price changes through a rebrand that emphasizes the great quality of your products.

  • 3. Your brand feels static or outdated.

Brands run the risk of stagnating if they aren’t consistently evaluating what’s not working and revitalizing product portfolios. If your brand feels a bit outdated or has outgrown its current look, a refresh can modernize the look and feel of your products and package them with a modern, updated look to keep your brand resonating with today’s consumers.

  • 4. Your brand feels inconsistent.

Maybe your brand grew more quickly than anticipated, or a product line developed in an unexpected way and took your company in multiple directions. While it’s only natural (and wonderful!) for brands to scale, quick growth may have caused a lack of brand consistency. Use a brand refresh to refocus your brand across consumer touchpoints and create a cohesive vision.

  • 5. Competition is getting tough.

While consumers appreciate and rely on brand consistency, competitors can sometimes push you toward necessary brand evolution. Refreshing your brand’s imagery or injecting new personality into your marketing campaigns could help keep consumers loyal to your products and services. Brand refreshes can show loyal customers that you see and understand their needs and are evolving alongside them to remain current and relevant.

  • 6. You have a change in leadership.

If your company has recently been acquired by an umbrella organization, or if you have purchased another company and are expanding your brand, you may be searching for ways to convey your new value propositions and bring customers along on your new journey. Brand refreshes can help consumers understand these company changes and can have the bonus of helping internal staff get on board with your branding.

  • 7. Your brand has new or changing product offerings.

Oftentimes, an acquisition or a change in leadership leads to innovation, which can lead to new products or services. Additionally, your product team may have reinvented or updated your current products to meet consumer needs and are now looking for a way to attract new audiences. Either way, a refresh can introduce your new offerings to consumers.

  • 8. Your brand needs to grow.

Whether you are looking to connect with a different age group, socioeconomic demographic or just generate consumer buzz, a brand refresh can expand your relevance to new target audiences. Fresh logos or slogans can connect with larger consumer bases, and new marketing campaigns can show loyal customers how exciting it is that your brand and product offerings are growing. The great bonus of a refresh is that, because it repositions your brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds, it often leads to higher conversion rates!

How To Successfully Refresh Your Brand

The key to a successful brand refresh is to make sure that any creative solution you take on is of high quality and still reflects your brand’s core values. Remember, this isn’t a complete rebrand; a refresh should show growth and evolution while still reflecting the true core of your business. Don’t make the mistake of jumping too quickly into aesthetic changes without consulting your foundational brand strategy or attempting to change too quickly or drastically. A successful brand refresh will still feel recognizable and consistent to your consumer base but will also reinvigorate their commitment to your brand by showing them how your new aesthetic direction can better serve them now and in the future.

Does your business need guidance to initiate a brand refresh while staying true to your brand strategy? A creative branding agency like (matter) has the experience, resources, and creativity to lead your brand in the right direction. Our unique process, approach and expertise allow our team to adapt to each individual client’s needs while delivering highly consistent and successful results. And if you are in need of a complete rebrand, (matter) has a long history of success in moving brands toward the future.