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Humanizing Your Brand in Today’s Marketplace



3 Rules Every B2B Marketer Must Know

I’ve always tried to use humor as a way to connect with people – make somebody laugh and they’ll instantly relate to you on a human level. Like making new friends, successful marketing requires a human connection too. Regardless of whether
or not you’re in a B2B industry, you’re marketing to a person and not a business.

Brands that make a human connection have a key advantage when standing out in today’s marketplace. Grabbing a smartphone allows your potential prospect to research anything in just a matter of seconds. This instant access has drastically changed the way
people are making purchasing decisions, even in the B2B world. Did you know that on average, 60% of a sales cycle is over before a prospect ever speaks to a sales rep? Empowering your brand message during this initial stage avoids your sales team
from losing out on potential opportunities.

By adopting the rules listed below, you’ll start to make the immediate human-to-human (H2H) connection needed to thrive in today’s market.

The 3 Rules of H2H (Human2Human) Marketing

1. It’s a Person, NOT A Business

You may market within the B2B category, but that business is comprised of actual people and not a faceless corporation. It’s your job as a successful marketer to find a way to connect on a personal level by switching your approach. Instead of pushing
waves of promotional materials, start targeting a customer’s specific pain points through pull marketing, often called “permission marketing” or “inbound marketing.” If you can uncover your target audience’s needs
and the problems that cause them the most stress, you can create solution-driven content that keeps them engaged and eventually earns their business. Need help? Download our free guidebook
for step-by-step instruction on how to create each of your unique buyer personas.

2. It’s NOT about You

Simply put, it’s easy to ignore you if your message is completely self-promoting; that’s a big yawn and a huge waste of your marketing dollars. Make every message count by always following the 80/20 Rule –80% of your message should offer
the solutions your audience is seeking, and only 20% should be about your company. Be mindful to use that 20% wisely, as this is your chance to show expert industry insight to build credibility.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen (Are you listening?)

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that the content your company creates is the only content about you that people read. Word-of-mouth has exploded everywhere –through message boards, product reviews, social media comments and more. Make it
a practice to keep an ear open to social chatter and you’ll get valuable insight about your buyers’ pain points. Want to convert customers into your biggest advocates? Reach out to make sure they are satisfied. If you hear anything about your
company, good or bad, respond quickly. Delighted customers make willing promoters. And it won’t cost a dime in advertising.

At (matter), we’ve adopted these H2H rules and ingrained them into everything we do to help our clients – from strategy to implementation. Whether we’re crafting a new brand identity for a start-up manufacturer, or sales support materials for a global high-tech leader, our goal is to provide creative that evokes emotional connections with each of our client’s targeted audiences. We offer the flexibility to serve as either your agency of record or to work with you on a project-by-project basis.