Project Management for Not Project Managers

Project Management for Not Project Managers


Campaigns can originally be designed to increase brand awareness, boost promotion visibility or educate consumers on a brand’s unique value proposition and benefits. But all good campaigns need more than an initial launch – they need consistent maintenance and management.

Managing a campaign project takes commitment and extreme focus. It requires attention to and interpretation of analytics, creative design and content, and multiple layers of strategy. Most importantly: It takes attention to deadlines and budgets.

At (matter), we follow the values of CRAFT to reach our project management goals:

Creativity: We imagine and activate unique, design-centric ideas.
Reliability: We strive to provide clients with prepared, focused and consistent work.
Authenticity: We communicate with honesty and professionalism.
Flexibility: We approach each project with helpful and adaptive attitudes.
Teamwork: We value all perspectives and hold ourselves accountable to one another and to our clients.

Steps To Launching a Campaign Project


The process of creating, launching and adjusting brand campaigns can be lengthy and include multiple, detailed steps. Even small-scale projects need to follow a thoughtful project outline.

Every campaign, regardless of its scope and size, needs both a great team and great management to optimize its success. While your agency team is busy understanding consumer needs and creating content that meets brand filters, a project manager can make sure that the project is running smoothly and effectively.

Why We Need Project Managers


Project managers oversee every aspect of client’s projects from start to finish. They continually collect, analyze and apply campaign data and make sure project deadlines are met. Most importantly, they keep everyone on budget throughout the campaign process, which means our clients are never surprised by fees and always know how and when every penny is being spent.

Attempting to launch a project without a leader to manage it is akin to putting the cart before the horse. Project managers know how to prioritize the components of a campaign to make sure nothing is missed or forgotten. (matter) utilizes project managers so that every client project is set up for success. We are able to uphold our CRAFT values and allow our teams to function effectively because we have project managers in place from Day One.