The Growing Pains of Shifting a Brand Strategy

The Growing Pains of Shifting a Brand Strategy


Behind every successful brand is an ever-growing brand strategy. Adapting to current social climates, technological advances and changing consumer needs is necessary to your business’ longevity.

An updated brand strategy helps you in the day-to-day creation of social media and campaign content, as well as keeps you focused on the broader goals and direction of your brand.

And shifting your brand strategy not only helps you know and understand your own business as it expands, but it allows you to create and then follow a working blueprint to help you make future brand decisions.

The good news: You don’t need to completely reject the brand foundation you’ve worked to build or your brand persona. You simply need to adjust your brand strategy so you can continually meet and exceed customer expectations.

So how can you grow your brand strategy without reinventing the wheel?

Redefine your value proposition.

Ask yourself: What can your brand offer your customers that no one else can? What makes your services unique? Consider offering innovative products to solve your customers’ problems more effectively.

Update your brand benefits.

What about your services or products gives customers a positive functional or emotional result? Your brand’s benefits should not only solve current customer problems, but also create a positive emotional experience. Tune into the customer experience on such a deep level that each customer feels seen, understood and excited to be a part of your brand story.

Refocus your brand personality.

Whether you’ve established your brand as quirky, youthful or socially responsible, take time to examine how your brand fits into the current social climate. Your brand needs to remain consistent in its personality while maturing alongside your business and your growing consumer base. It is possible to do both.

We know shifting your brand strategy can feel painful and overwhelming at first, but laying the foundation for every future decision is worth the time and effort. The goal is to build a timeless brand identity that can communicate with customers across decades, and the path forward is allowing your brand strategy to adjust to changing customer needs. That means not giving into industry fads. The more mindful your messaging, the more likely you are to attract and maintain loyal customers for the lifespan of your business.

And don’t forget, you aren’t flying blind when it comes to defining exactly what your target audience wants. You can quickly and easily understand your clients with real-time data from your current social media, website and campaign analytics—or you can reach out to (matter), and we’ll partner our brand strategy experts with your growing business needs!