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The New Era of CPG Packaging


Modern consumers have multi-faceted expectations when making purchases, and while the tried-and-true method of providing quality products at a competitive price won’t ever go out of style, today’s shoppers are more informed—and more
selective—about where they spend their paychecks. With information about the environmental and health impacts of single-use product packaging readily accessible online, not only are consumers searching for solid goods and services, but they
also want to connect with brands that align with their personal and global values.  

This preference for sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint, known as
conscious consumerism, first gained a foothold in the modern economy in the mid-1990s with the rise of fair-trade coffees and teas. More recently, the movement has gained momentum through online activism and the ability to circulate information globally via social media channels. Conscious consumers are committed to purchasing goods and services that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.  

The Evolution and Importance of CPG Product Packaging in 2022 

Ecommerce offers consumers more ways to shop than ever before. Customers are now able to view products on multiple digital channels as well as physical retail shelves, which means that incorporating sustainable CPG product packaging into your ecommerce
model is key. A poll revealed that product packaging directly impacts 72% of American consumers buying decisions, and 67% prefer paper and cardboard packaging, both for their sustainability and physical aesthetic. This heightened consumer expectation means businesses need to not only evaluate their marketing strategy,
but also consider a corporate move toward green, carbon-reducing CPG product packaging.  

Consumers aren’t the only ones taking note of our global need for alternative packaging materials. To date,
77 countries have passed full or partial bans on plastic bags, so redesigning your branded product packaging not only shows consumers that you’re serious about sustainability, but it will keep your business aligned with emerging global standards and regulations. 

CPG Product Packaging and Ecommerce 

When designing branded product packaging, consider how it will work in an ecommerce environment, how you can incorporate CPG product packaging into your ecommerce marketing model. The key is to design a marketing strategy that feels authentic to your
brand and aligns with your existing brand values. Modern consumers do not appreciate insincerity, so spend some time understanding the perspective of your consumers and find a way to genuinely connect. 

Remember that this is a chance to innovate and win consumer trust. Consumers are looking for convenience combined with sustainability, so incorporating green CPG product packaging will prove that your brand understands the changing world and is adapting alongside it. In fact,
30% of businesses report an increased revenue after improving their CPG packaging.  


If your brand is ready to make a change, here are a few key factors to consider when rethinking CPG packaging: 


Don’t neglect convenience and accessibility. 

Remember that every branded product needs to arrive safely and be easily opened, so consider how your packaging will hold up during shipping, if it can protect your product through delivery, and how you can make the consumer unboxing process as frustration-free
as possible. 

Include QR codes. 

Household brands like Nestlé and Procter & Gamble are already including QR codes on their CPG packaging, which connects consumers directly to online purchasing and product information websites simply by scanning the code with their mobile phones. This connection not only
provides consumers with additional product information, but it also creates a direct link between customers and brands.  

Consider your eCommerce aesthetics. 

A large factor in consumer purchasing decisions is product appearance and packaging appearance. Scan the virtual shelves of your brand and imagine your users’ experience. Is your environmentally friendly packaging also appealing to the eye? 

Provide 360-degree product views or incorporate AR/VR technology into your ecommerce site to allow consumers to experience your product and it’s packaging up close. This allows shoppers to trust that your brand is providing more than lip service and is actually taking steps toward sustainability. 

Use sustainability in your product marketing. 

As your brand designs and launches new product packaging, remember that promoting CPG packaging to your audience will appeal to their desire for sustainability and help bring brand awareness to conscious consumers. 


(matter) understands that changing your product packaging can deeply affect your CPG brand’s marketing strategy and budget, but we also believe that showcasing your brand’s dedication to sustainability is a worthy long-term benefit.
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